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Bebecê Stand at Zero Degredes Fair by That Design Company

BEBECÊ is a famous women shoe company in Brazil. Once a year the company launches their winter collection at Zero Degrees fair in one of the best Brazilian site for tourists called Gramado, in the extreme south of Brazil.

Photos by Marcelo Donadussi

That Design team was hired again to project and build their 156m2 in the main street of the fair, in a way that retailers would feel invited to visit the stand and buy their products for the next season.

This time we decided to create a facade in a more fluid way, which the basic idea was to explore a curve built by the repetition of a certain number of pine plywood plates that conduct visitors to the man door in a wave, passing through their most distinct products for the season highlighted in individual window displays, in a very smooth composition.

The entrance hall, formed also by the plates is visually permeable so visitors could see a little of what is displayed inside, making retailers more curios to enter and get interest by the new season collection. Inside there was the need to create an area for their famous “scarpin shoes” and also the products displayed in the media, and for the first time we made them very related to the forms in the facade.

The Scarpin display system moves in a single wave with individual slots for each product forming a repetition of elements in an artistic way pointing to the interior of the main hall. The media display system ,with the products shown in the campaign, was totally inspired by the sea corals and form a kind of symmetrical sculpture where the most important shoes of the season are carefully offered to the visitors.

For the Café area the designers developed a panel with the waves and the institutional colors and lights made out of real coffee mugs colored by light like lathes. The result was a very united design where visitors actually made a lot of selfies, specially at he facade, giving and important boost for the brand at the fair.

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