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Wuguan Books : A door to your inner self

Designed by: Chu Chih-kang Space Design

Most first-time visitors to Wuguan bookstore would come to a full stop when they first pull back the store curtain and see what is waiting for them: surprise, amazement, or perhaps confusion. With an extremely low lighting, all visitors could see are the books on the shelves.

Most visitors are surprised by the bookstore’s low interior lighting. However at the same time, they are captivated by the books on the shelves without realizing it. “Whether people would only want to read in a well-lit environment or not” is a question the bookstore often ponder, and they discovered that it is easier for people to collect their thoughts and enjoy a book at night. That is why a space have been created to allow people to wind down, listen to their inner voice, and find a book they really want to read.