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“From Sense of Space to Sense of Belonging” - Design Talk in Hong Kong

The quality of a space can be enhanced once having the interactions of human beings in it; and design is a process to pave way for this evolvement to let life and emotions to be instilled. In this talk, PMQ has invited architectural and interior designer Wilson Lee and radio DJ Danny So to share their insights on the connection between space and people through two senses–sight and hearing. Through sharing of some spatial design practices, Wilson will explain how the details can foster interaction between people and space, and sometimes even tell stories to turn an unfamiliar environment into a place with a sense of belonging, be it temporarily or permanently. Danny will talk about his observations of the chemistry between music and spaces around the world and how he responds to spaces through music. He will be creating a music playlist for this talk and playing it on the day.

Event Details Time:25/08/2018 (SAT) 15:00 - 17:00 Venue:HUB (S710-711), PMQ (35 Aberdeen Street, Central) How to Join:online registration (will accept walk-in participants from 14:50 subject to the availability of seats ) Language:Cantonese Website:PMQ

Source & Photos :PMQ

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