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From Winter to Spring Clubhouse by Hip-Pop Design Team

Living in an era of great changes today, people experienced life from poverty to affluence, but the subjective well-being has not been promoted correspondingly. On the contrary, modern people become more restless and uneasy, which is due to the lack of calmness in the heart; and this calmness can be gained only after hustle and bustle fades away. Only when the material is reduced to the essence can it lead to its spiritual level, which is the goal of this project.

Phots by Zhang Jing

In the design process, the building is regarded as a poetic imagination, and the project conveys a philosophy of confronting loneliness in stride. Strict business tone is deliberately avoided in order to create a welcoming atmosphere where guest can feel at home. Minimalism is easy to be cold; in order to avoid this problem, great attention has paid to the color and texture of material.

On one hand, wood veneer and floor adopt very light color, making the overall space atmosphere comfortable. On the other hand, a nonopaque paper is applied to make the light appear soft and warm, thus becoming “very welcoming”. All comes from a conversation with the owner: "I hope this space is just like a human, who has neither weakness nor armor, being elegant and calm!"

The temperament and charm of a space has been hidden in the nature of site from the moment the place was selected. There is no answer to the question who came first: environment or building. The greening of the west and north sides of the building is very good, but there is no window on both sides, objectively forming the alienation of the building from the existing environment. Therefore, the first step of design is window cutting.

Despite the difficulty of design and construction, an especially large-size insulating glass is adopted boldly here. The 13 pieces of glass form 13 giant paintings, bringing the outside scenery in front of people like scroll paintings. The different light and shadow effects in different time actually make the number of dynamic pictures far more than 13. The changing seasonal scenery is integrated with the living indoors.

Without the interference of rights or wrongs, one just need to live the life and let nature take its course. With a peace mind, one will naturally have a free and pure life no matter how hustle and bustle the world is.

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