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10 Beautiful Modern Libraries in the world for bookworm!

If you are a bookworm, what would be better than staying in a library from day to night? It would be more enjoyable if a library is not just a venue for repository of books, but also a beautiful architecture with amazing interior! We’ve picked our favorite libraries from around the globe. You will definitely love reading if these libraries are located in your city!

1. Vennesla Library and Culture House by Helen & Hard, Norway

Vennesla Bibliotek og Kulturhus is a modern public library for inhabitants of Vennesla. Located in the city centre, there are café, open meeting places which combine a library with house of culture.

Photo: Emile Ashleya

2. Conarte Library by Anagrama, Mexico

"The design proposal focuses on creating a space that wraps the reader in. The bookshelves attend more that just their basic function and were designed to simulate a dome that plays with the visual perspective. The stands incorporate a color gradient finish that attributes depth. The illuminated half circle found in the back wall simulates the vanishing point of the structure, creating a perfect balance between color and perspective." by Anagrama.

Photo: Estudio Tampiquito

3. Public Library of Constitución by Sebastian Irarrázava, Chile

The city in Constitución was devastated by earthquake in 2010. The public library of Constitución is a part of the initiative to rebuild the city, which is one of the biggest clusters of wood production in Chile. This heritage is reflected in the construction of this post-disaster library. It’s made almost entirely of wood, and only the firewalls are done with exposed poured concrete.

Photo: Felipe Díaz Contardo

4.Story Pod by Atelier Kastelic, Canada

Story Pod is a little community-supported lending library located in the heart of Newmarket city in Canada. The concept of the Story Pod is to “encourages you to open your heart and mind to life’s possibilities similar to the way a book does.”

Photo: Shai Gil, Bob Gundu

5.Tama Art University Library by Toyo Ito & Associates, Japan

This library is all about the arches with 20cm-thin walls of the building. Another unique feature of the design is the sloped ground floor. According to the architects, this quirk is to stimulate creativity.

Photo: Ishiguro Photographic Institute

6. Surry Hills Library and Community Centre by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, Australia

This flagship building spans 4 floors and, besides the library, it also houses a community center and child care center. The Library specializes in fashion and design titles, as well as having a significant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender collection.

Photo: John Gollings

7. Nakajima Library by Mitsuru Senda, Japan

“We want to provide a place where you can always study”: this is the philosophy behind Akita International University’s library, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The library was reportedly designed around the theme “Book Colosseum,” and generous use of timber throughout lends warmth. The wood used in the library is actually Akita Cedar grown in the same prefecture as the library—if you close your eyes, it’s almost like being in a forest.

Photo: Nakajima Library

8. Joan Maragall Library by BCQ Arquitectura , Spain

The library is located in Barcelona which is formed by the “light and silence courtyards” and “books and knowledge courtyards.”

Photo: Ariel Ramirez

9. Biblioteca José Vasconcelos by Gabriel Orozco,Mexico

Located in Mexico City, this libraray is called “megabiblioteca” (“megalibrary”). Spread across 38,000 square metres, it is dedicated to José Vasconcelos, the former philosopher, presidential candidate and president of the National Library of Mexico.The shelves are the most important part of the design. They are contrasted by several modern sculptures with a prominent whale skeleton.

Photo: Yoshihiro Koitani and LWY

10. Thionville Library by Dominique Coulon and Associates, France

The architect's ambition was to create the project that would become a new model for media libraries. The grass is almost everywhere, inviting you to rest and spend some time reading, watching and studying. There are lots of hidden rooms and alleys. Each one may serve as a quiet reading space.

Photo: Eugeni Pons and David Romero-Uzeda

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