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Bar TORÖ by Masquespacio, Spain

Bar TORÖ is the last project by Masquespacio in Ibiza, , commissioned by Servitur Group, the touristic management consultant behind hotel chain Typic Hotels.

Designed by Masquespacio

Photos by Luis Beltran

The concept of Bar TORÖ starts with the aim to develop a hospitality venue with a Mediterranean spirit, offering a service of a sports bar and Spanish tapas focused on an international clientele.

The space located at the end of San Antonio, contains more than 200 m2, mostly occupied by a terrace at the edge of the sea. For the design, Masquespacio seeks to give major importance to the exterior mixing three colors: purple blue, turquoise green and mustard yellow. This way, together with the use of plants the intention was to create a modern and cheerful design.