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SFRITTO by Bilodunk, Italy

Turning an old club into a fry with a kitchen: an arduous undertaking! In the heart of the historical center of Nola, in a building whose historical significance weighs only on watching it, Sfritto is born, friggitoria with kitchen.

Designed by Fabio Cioffi @Bilodunk Studio

Photos by Carlo Falanga

Eight months of construction site in which we pulled out the tuff, redone the screed for the creation of the mezzanine. An "easy" concept: the bistro tastes. White wood to the floor, tolix chairs and marble tables on cast iron structures with a retro taste.

Two floors: one fast to take takeaway food or to eat on the snack, the superior is more reserved for a more intimate dinner. Everything happens on sight! Marble, wood, iron and resin.

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