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Kaffeeform: Coffee cups made from used coffee

After having a cup of Cappuccino or Americano, have you ever thought about what happens to all the coffee grounds?

As the global coffee consumption is growing, can we make good use of the coffee grounds that are basically waste?

Product designer Julian Lechner awake at nights during his studies in Italy, and he did not let go of the thought of creating something completely new which can tackle the issue with intense coffee consumption.

After 3 years of experimenting with this fascinating raw material, discussions with experts and scientists and endless attempts, the new material Kaffeeform was born, a new formula to create complete new products out of old coffee.The first exemplary to demonstrate the potential of the new material is the form of the coffeecup – the first espresso cup was launched in 2015.

In 2016 the bigger Cappuccino cup was added to the Kaffeeform family. All Kaffeeform cups have the appearance of dark marblewood with smell of coffee. Kaffeeform cups are very light, and finally are dish washer friendly and can be used over and over again!