Sciuè il panino vesuviano by Bilodunk Studio, Italy

July 25, 2018


One hundred and fifty-three meters in the heart of the city, where Bilodunk Studio gave life to the new Sciuè burger shop, the Vesuviano sandwich.



Designed by Fabio Cioffi @Bilodunk studio 

Photos by Carlo Falanga

Well-known burger in the city for the high quality and uniqueness of the product, in January two thousand and eighteen found a new home. Two windows facing the street from which you can see the whole room. The central bench in raw iron, marked by four pendants in corten Wever & Ducré, dominates the central capsule of the kitchen.


The process of creating the sandwich is all in sight, cooking, filling, and here in front of your nose to give off succulent aromas. The ceiling made of aluminum uprights from which small spots, well hidden, create the "bull's eye" effect: light only on al protagonist!) Dark around. The walls deliberately left rough (but treated with transparent resin!).



Remind of a Berlin of the past and ambient: the loft where you can eat two bites and run away. Tables in black iron and brown leather chairs give the environment that touch of elegance, even ten minutes of relaxation, they need! The element that you do not expect: the parade that takes up Vesuvius and its vegetation! Bilodunk has also worked on the restyling of Corporate Identity, advertising and social networks!






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