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Puzzle furniture family "Corner" by Konstantin Achkov design studio

Intelligent flat-pack minimalism in “Corner” furniture family.

Konstantin Achkov for LOCK in collaboration with SKV presents a furniture family built on the principal of minimalism that allows easy assembly through innovative click joints.

Can flat-pack be qualified as high-end furniture with minimalist vision? The designer and sculptor Konstantin Achkov makes it possible through replacing certain wooden elements with such milled from stone. The puzzle-like assembly is achieved with brand new joints created by the designer.

All elements are CNC milled for perfect fit. Though the combination between stone and plywood is not new to other current collections, in this occasion the furniture elements are provided with preliminary milled holes in which the specific plywood clips are inserted to provide construction firmness.

A specific order of the assembly should be followed. The strength of the construction is further assisted by the principle of assembly which is based on interlocking of the elements under a 90 degree angle, from where the name of the family comes. The primary source of the idea can be most easily tracked in the Corner side tables. The Corner furniture family outstands with its minimalist shapes in which the specific joints act as decorative elements.

The first part of the collection is on display at the Design.Ve biennial in Venice, Italy. The project conceived by Konstantin Achkov for Lock in collaboration with SKV Engineering is taking part in the group show “Design after Darwin. Adapted to adaptability” in Palazzo Morosini, Campo Santo Stefano, during the first month of Venice Architecture Biennale.

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