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Hyatt Place Shanghai New Hongqiao by BLVD International

The design of hotel - a second home for people to be free from the norm of family life must have a clear understanding of both “Self” and “Others”.It can only be constructed in such a way as to create a boundary and a dimension that is free from the world of affairs and to reconcile a graceful space with the balance of movement andquiescence.

Designed by BLVD International

The famous Chinese song Nightlife in Shanghai presents the complex and real life. The course of civilization moves forward with entangling happiness and sorrows of life. Fortunately, the relationship between you and the world seems to be reconciled after every bustling rush of daytime and the glittering lights of nighttime fade away: Each step has its own trace and every fragment is clearly reproduced. The deepest impression on the old Shanghai is its elegance in the air and people’s preservation of sober and comfort in turbulent days.