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KPWT Residence by Flat12x, Bangkok

This KPWT private residence project offers an example of a modern house in the tropical climate country. In order to build a modern architecture in this particular area, it is not only about a form, less-is-more, clean and clear, box-like building but also, for its longevity, building needs some sun shading devices as well as a roof for the rains. This project offers architecture which is more applicable.

Designed by Flat12x

The house is on an 800 square metre land plot, situated in a residential area of Bangkok, Thailand where the owner wants to build a house for his contemporary family; two storey, open-plan living, dining area with a double volume space and three bedrooms are altogether in the main building whereas a 6 metre high ceiling multifunctioning hall and cinema room are in one another. Both are connected to each other by a gallery on the second floor with another bedroom behind it.