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Suara Store by CLAP Studio, Barcelona

Suara is one of the most recognized record labels of dance music in the world. With a very powerful brand linked to the image of a feline, they decided to expand his brand strategy by creating their own clothing line. After few years selling online finally they decided to open its first physical store in Barcelona.

Designed by CLAP Studio

Photos by Daniel Rueda

The place chosen by the brand is located in the cozy Barcelona neighborhood El Born, one of the most fas- hionable neighborhoods in the city. Suara’s wish was to achieve a totally versatile space where they could sell clothes but also do workshops in the interior or turning the store into a dance floor.

Under this premise CLAP designed the interior and tailored furniture. The design ensure that each and every element within is 100% mobile. The stands for product exposure have wheels so it allows Suara to customize the entire interior space. The walls are covered with OSB wood in which holes made with numerical control cut were made. These holes allow the designed shelves to be anchored to the wall and moved whenever neces- sary.

The base materials are OSB wood and electrowelded mesh. The uncovered roof shows the characteristic Catalan vault of area and in which different electrically welded metal meshes are lacquered in white to allow the mannequins to hang.

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