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Kobe Station by Flat12x

The 70sqm restaurant holds affordable premium steakhouse for Thai people inspired by the food culture of Kobe city, Japan.

Designed by Flat12x Co.,Ltd.

Photos by Fangbaki

Concept of the design is to change a mindset of most Thai people that have recognised a sit down dining steak as high and overpriced meal. The more casual and friendly design is set to offer new experience of eating steak, cheeky railway track painted flooring leads all clients from the front yard to all tables where the kitchen sits at the back hiding behind corrugated metal panels, as a skin of tradition train bogie, creating enclosure for customers to sit as in the train station.

Black colour mainly stands for modern but calm enough to emphasise lattice woods as a pattern representing craft and art, to make a whole restaurant moves. Burgundy red drops soul to the restaurant clarifying the brand identity and life.

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