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Casa Carmela by nihil estudio, Spain

Casa Carmela Restaurant. "Since 1922 by firewood".

Back in the 20s, the great-grandfather of the current manager of this family restaurant of traditional food, went every summer to the Valencian garden for serving to the Madrid tourists who came to the mediterrranean coast. Casa Carmela began as a barrack serving as a changing room for bathers on Malvarrosa Beach.

It was in 1922 when the company was registered with the name os his wife, Carmen. Over the time, the small business was growing, giving shelter and food to the gests of the mediterranean.

The second generation in charge of Casa Carmela tooks the family business raising their own farm animals, with a corral in the back of the restaurant. This poultru products were also linked to vegetables from the family garden always serving seasonal and quelity products from then to nowadays.

Designed by nihil estudio

Photos by David Zarzoso