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Poly Yuzhu Office Sales Center, Lighting Design by GD-Lighting Design

Poly Yuzhu Port project is located in the core of Guangzhou "Look East" Strategy - Huangpu Port-centered Economic Circle, it takes the construction of world-comparable urban port in Guangzhou as its mission. Its positioning is a high-quality city complex integrating residence, commerce, entertainment and office. It covers the luxury hotels, super Grade A office buildings, large shopping malls, residential shopping, etc.. It is Poly's key work integrating 10 years of complex development experience. The design covers North Tower A2 office sales center, including the display space integrating creative office, super Grade A office buildings and apartments as one.

Lighting Design by GD-Lighting Design

Interior Design by James Liang & Associates Limited.

Soft Loading Design by Justmine Art Design Co., Ltd.

Photos by FENG Jian,Jossy LIN, Shenzhen Shifang Photography Co., Ltd.

Considering the lighting design for this office sales center project, designers put aside the so-called limitations, such as the traditional office lighting pursues the absolute value of illumination and uniformity, integrate the design method and visual perception of hotel lighting, reconsider and apply the color temperature, brightness, uniformity of the space lighting, etc., use minimalist method and rich content to highlight the unique temperament and refined taste of space design.

Sales reception area:

The sales reception area just faces the elevator hall. The interior design method integrates with industrial relics such as gantry cranes and rails, and reintegrates with the frontier architectural forms to rejuvenate new vigor of the space. For lighting design, designers continue the visual fresh perception of interior design, use backlight to illuminate the facade vertical white screen, form a silhouette effect with rust artworks with industrial sense. In this space, three tones of black, white and gray blend together well and light also become part of space material.

The facade vertical screen decorated by geometry lines combines with u-type staircase to cleverly separate negotiation area and the reception area. The decoration of valued matte black is simple and smooth, has the spacial feature of block surface formed by lines, waves, black and white. Therefore, the light highlights the white vertical three-dimensional layering and the black part uses the LED linear tape lights to draw the outline of U-shape flow lines.

Negotiation area abandons the common spatial approach of even luminance and high illumination. The installation combines the simple lines on the ceiling in this space with the location of lamps. Orderly arranged light and shade are used to create a casual and intimate negotiating environment. Irregular ceiling modeling has more precise requirements for technical parameters of the lamps, and the illumination of all table tops are the same. Both of the combination sofa and the single seat area can maintain the unity of visual perception.

Water bar counter facade and toilet washbasin are well-integrated; in order to maintain the ceiling in the space neat, there is no lamp installed in the aisle, but the unified lamps hidden in the trough between the aisle and the ceiling head of chat area; blackout method is adopted to meet the illumination demand of the water bar counter and the washbasin; the back of water bar counter combines with laminate LED linear light belt to make the laminate travel surface glow. Then, the facade can form echo with the water bar counter modeling.

The connected corridor is divided into several spaces by irregular slash; we guide the flow of people through the use of the streamline relation of linear hidden light trough, at the same time, we illuminate the art device area by the core tube side via irregular methods, and adopts no method for the VIP room and the conference room sides, then, a black-and-white visual contrast is formed in the whole corridor.

Creative office model area and standard walkway:

Contrast of black lacquer facade and white table seats creates the smooth texture of modern high-tech materials, which is very cool. The layout of dark ground, white ceiling and black facade and white ground makes the environment solemn but lively, creating an efficient and relaxed office design space. Large use of dark textures and the matching of warm white light have incisively and vividly given expression to the open design of the space, reflecting the open atmosphere of the office enterprise operation and giving a rigorous but relaxed professional image.

Creative office area front desk and chat area:

The whole creative office area has no partitions, the area creates a sense of visual permeability by the use of lighting levels, what’s more, it is provided with huge French windows, so that it can not only draw the warm sunshine into the room from outside, but also extend people’s vision to the whole city that can enjoy a panoramic view of the city in leisure time: “sit and watch amidst the winds of changes”, with a happy and comfortable mood.

VIP Room:

General Manager Office:

Video Room:

Large meeting Room:

Poly Yuzhu Port Office Sales Center is designed as a black-and-white space in the comprehensive construction, supplemented by bright-colored decorations, with a simple and personalized design. Under the expression of the concise and lively, clear and structured basic lighting, lighting design, in fact, has emphasized on the processing of each carefully selected and decorated artwork, and these surprising corners have formed a delightful contrast with the space, creating a work environment filled with vitality and imagination.


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