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NeverEnough Black Box Store by studio minio

NeverEnough BlackBox Store is a shop, a meeting place and an art gallery. Items sold here range from t-shirts and sweatshirts to backpacks and accessories, and at the bar you can order yourself a craft beer or a nip of something stronger.

Designed by studio minio

Photos by Jan Kuděj

The dominant theme of the interior, the visual style and most of the goods in stock is the contrast of black and white. The wooden frames of the shop windows looking out onto the square and the inside walls are black; the bar and the gallery wall is lined with black rough sawn wood, as are the walls of the changing rooms.

The lighter wooden plank floor is being left to weather naturally. Two flattened barrel vaults support metal frames equipped with additional spot lighting and two black twelve-arm Sputnik chandeliers with vintage ST64 light bulbs. The ceiling has been intentionally left white to emphasise the original vaulting and black lighting.

Opposite the front door is a vast wall display case composed of individual teak-mahogany and black stained boxes containing most of the goods sold here. The black wall behind the bar is dominated by the massive white logotype “NeverEnough URBAN ARMOR_PRG”.

New graphic designs, upcoming exhibitions and incoming products will constantly alter the visuals of the interior, but its accents on solid wood and black-and-white colour will remain unchanged.

In other words – Every Day is Black Friday.

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