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TOWOdesign Studio by Towodesign

A cow

Two monkeys

Three lazy couches

Four blackboards

Five sets of cabinets

Six tree pool

Collect six conditions, complete a studio.

Designed by Towodesign

Photo by Towodesign

The project is located in Minhang District, Shanghai Qibao Vanke International. We hope that the studio is relaxed, warm and creative enough, and then constructs our goal through explicit and implicit symbols.

The space uses a large amount of warm wood color and forms a wooden space block which takes the whole white space as the background to construct the function and space rhythm.

Some form slashes – stairs

Some form a straight line - the platform

Some become grid – bookshelf

But even as one, and the integration of space

With a rhythmic space structure, there are a few eye-catching, flexible elements involved


Cattle fly to heaven

Tree, planted on the table

Monkey, hanging in the bookcase

On the one hand, these irregular elements soften the entire space

On the other hand, when we are busy, we open our brains, spare time, look up, smile, tired, a cup of coffee, sit by the window to fly about self

The combination of the desk and the tree has become the interior landscape of the entire space and also forms an echo with the green outside to reduce the tension in the office. The entire wall of the shelves are unwillingly boring, in a practical framework, resulting in a wave of fluctuations, like a cliff, as the slope.

The elevation of the landscape in the space is maximized, allowing the original window to have a floor-to-ceiling window feeling, a better view of the landscape, and a greater degree of change and fragmentation, all while making the space more enjoyable.

Each element of the space that wishes to satisfy its function is itself a symbol, so the door becomes a block of wood, which is hidden in the rules, with flat symbols, to make the wall fun.

Due to the restrictions of the floor, the meeting room feel more depressed, so the entire ceiling into a mirror, to resolve the limitations of the storey, but also a sense of space unique style. But the air conditioning diffuser is very loud, air conditioning determines the outlet The location cannot move. While the market cannot find a suitable symbolic alternatives, so, to take advantage of the situation, the conference room lighting to the diffuser as the center of the layout, so that the diffuser box and lighting Echoes, forming a meeting room interesting graphics.

At the same time, we wanted to have a unique conference table, but the extremely functional nature of the conference table made it difficult to make changes, so that the shape defects of the conference room space became the starting point for this desk idea. Due to the avoidance of the entrance porch, There is a corner of the space is cut off, the wall is placed diagonally, if it is rectangular conference table, it is inevitable in the oblique wall caused by the use of space is not enough defects, cannot sit .So there was a parallelogram conference table, The hypotenuse is parallel to the sloping wall in the space, allowing the entire space in front of the sloping wall to sit under one participant, embedding some grass and a unique and functional conference table.

Function into the fun and creativity, the two air-conditioning return air holes cannot let go, the market for the practical and completely jacketed not integrated into the environment due to the ceiling also belong to the wooden body block, so after testing, a full of gradient lattice Graphics, to solve this problem, different specifications of the hole into the well-placed and open hole, so that space returns to pure and fun.

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