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HAWA BEIRUT by Richard Yasmine

HAWA Beirut, a collection of very light or airy furniture inspired from the Lebanese architecture and specifically the arches that are a trade mark in our cultural heritage.

Designed by Richard Yasmine

Photos by BizarreBeirut

HAWA in Arabic language means a light summer breeze or even a deep love, a passion towards someone or something.

Hawa Beirut set up creates a nostalgic yet harmonious reflection to our ancestors, continuing the communication between the past present and the future generations.

It is composed of 2 chairs one with upholstery and the other one naked with a low flippable central table / coffee table and a “paravent” or a decorative separation panels including multiple materials, the whole items are made of powder coated colorful steel with fabric, adding decorative handmade silk braiding cords and tassels, with treated pink marble including traditional craftsmanship technique blown stained glass inserts.

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