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Jinke Yulin River Heyuan Villa by NNS Institute Of The Interior Art & Design

In the east of the project site is Yulin River, a branch of the Yangtze River, in the back is Shibi Mountain, a range of Tieshan, where the natural conditions are very advantageous. The site is situated on the east side of Liangjiang Boulevard, in which there are natural lake views, and the terrain goes up and down.

Designed by NNS Institute Of The Interior Art & Design Photos by Yan Ming from B+M Studio

According to such topography, the building is built surround the lake. The west side of the site is close to the Liangjiang Boulevard, where the buildings are mostly high-rise and isolated from the busy street, making the inner living environment relatively quiet. Being located in the northwest of the natural lake, Heyuan is near the central area with an extremely beautiful environment.

The low-density buildings are integrated with the unique natural environment of the site, forming an ecological region, which partly determines its customer groups and properties. Based on this condition, and the profound local cultural heritage as well as the ethereal and simple style of the architecture, this case focuses on shaping a modern, fashionable, restrained and graceful space.

In terms of finishing, the designers paid more attention to the exquisiteness of materials in the same kind, and the unity between different materials, trying to explore the usage and transformation of various materials and the harmony between the split ratio and space, and to pursue space fluency horizontally and sense of order vertically.

While the designers focused more on the details in aspect of interior decoration. Several pieces of hard furniture have been added among the large wood furniture, so that the softness is offset with the hardness and then a mild space is achieved. The red color is indispensable and used in different places, enlivening the whole space.

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