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Really Taste restaurant by Bloom Design

Really Taste restaurant is located in the fashionable and modern Shenzhen Bay Technology and Ecology Park. The client hoped Bloom Design could design a restaurant that is popular online and loved by young people, so as to reflect Really Taste's new business concept of combining the new Cantonese cuisine with mini pub.

Designed by Bloom Design

Photos by Nie Xiaocong

After the market research, Bloom Design decided to find the spiritual core from the perspective of emotional cognition. Aesthetic perception will not be independent from the emotional memory of the past. Therefore, in addition to reconceptualize its functional presentation, the design needs to consider its emotional connection with the original memory.

Nowadays, urban people are increasingly yearning for a return to nature. We hope that the whole space will be more plain in vision, which will remind people of the healthy and natural brand attributes of the brand Really Taste.

We created a glass water curtain at the entrance, which functioned as a space partition, the long natural stone and the flowing water reflects an integration of stillness and motion, as well as an interaction between trueness and falseness. In this way, the whole space has a kind of flexible and vibrant sense. The dome and the water curtain constitute a unique "water curtain cave" landscape, which also become the core elements and memory points of the whole project.

When the panoramic glass folding door opens, the inside space is integrated with the outdoor courtyard. The elegant gray tone, architectural space structure, quiet and simple visual language and design method make Really Taste brand has a "sexless" temperament, in such a space, all diners' attention will only focus on the food itself. This makes the tasting experience more likely to be felt carefully and fully.

A good design is always memorable, and we hope that every diner can find the pleasure of enjoying the food from our design.

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