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New Studio Design by VXLAB, Spain

Specialized in design direction, the Spanish studio designed its own studio in a new location in the city centre. Their new office is so far the biggest change for the VXLAB team in its 10th anniversary.

When you get in, you can feel the identity of the studio and how that new workspace represents them: black & white combinations, timeless and minimalistic aesthetic.

The colour touches appear in specific locations due to the decoration elements of the studio, and also on the walls where you find the poster campaign for their 10th anniversary. There are four different designs inspired by the identity, location and the course of time since 2008.

As the team is working across multiple disciplines like architecture, graphic design or communication, they required a flexible and comfortable workplace that includes collaborative spaces. That's why they designed an open plan space for the new studio, with desks big enough for multidisciplinary team-working and a media-screening room for group meetings and client presentations.

Also the dim lighting and black as one of the main colours of the studio make a quiet and calm workplace. A space that promotes creativity and team-working where everyone could feel comfortable and proudly represented by every detail.

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