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Taliwang Bali by Metaphor Interior Architecture, Bali

Designed by Metaphor Interior Architecture

The overall impression of Taliwang Bali restaurant design is to bring to live the visual portrayal of Bali’s photogenic paddy fields.By combining the usage of traditional and modern elements, Taliwang Bali presents the contemporary dining experience of several-generations owned family recipe while bringing out the iconic Bali settings vividly through the usage of decorative lamps, table decorations and panoramic photo of paddy field. This idea became the central theme of the interior design approach including the choices of materials used for furniture and other elements in the restaurant.

Eclectic choices of materials in Taliwang Bali restaurant include natural elements that are associated with the origin of Bali cuisine served in this restaurant. Rattan style chairs and varied pendant lamps reflect the authentic and traditional lifestyle that is offered by Bali rural areas; the location of scenic terraced rice paddies.