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COCONUT by Nihil Estudio

Designed by Nihil Estudio

"Patience is a virtue that every good baker must know how to grow".

Starting from the bases of -all good confectioner- and finding a place with no affable initial characteristics to the sweeten experience that is supposed to be enjoy eating and also elaborating, a good sweet, Nihil Estudio went into a project that talks about pampering and taking care of all the details.

Just as the best confectionery requires quality in the ingredients and care in the disposition of each cake, from Nihil Estudio this pastry was treated as if it were a portion of itself.With a materiality that fragments the space horizontally, three layers of materials, textures and different chromatic ranges are generated to make a nod to the ingredients of a cake.

With a painted tile base, the tiled walls and ceiling, which culminates in green with a pre-existing moldism, reminds us of the part that embellishes and culminates the sweets. This element also crosses and connects at the same time the area of the shop and the zone of purchase and consumption of Coconut.