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Elephant Bar by FAR OFFICE

"Recording intentions" is the slogan of "Elephant Photo company". As a well-known wedding photography brand, they no longer confine themselves to the single image of photography studio, they wanted to create a different space experience for their customers. Our design aim: create a bright new image for the brand and an extended idea of photography studio.

Designed by FAR OFFICE

"The loud sound of the invisible elephant."

The idea of "elephants" is not confined to the mega-creature of huge size. If the big sound is silent, if the elephant is invisible, then this elephant presence becomes integrated with the environment, embodied in the state of silence and invisibility. The central bar is designed to express such a concept.

The original space come from a confused assembling of 2 existing buildings. Structure was a mess, too many beams and columns in the plot, it presented a obstacle to the design. Instead of trying to hide those elements, we opted to to change them into spotlights.

We wrapped the pillars into 3 dimensional metal nets, changing them into plastic giant lanterns. From those columns a soft light spreads throughout the room, setting out a gentle atmosphere.

We cut the lanterns geometry to create the three-dimensional sense, to ensure that every perspective, can present a good effect . Such ideas bring an unexpected results: customers coming there for the weeding photo service like to call the lanterns "diamonds", a symbol of love of faithfulness.

Spirit is changeable.

Metal net, concrete bricks and wood. We used man made post industrial materials,combined together with the natural wood. They contrast and fight with changeable shapes and textures, until they find an equilibrium and come to exist together, in harmony.

The ceiling is designed by big sails of golden metal net, emerging in the feeble light from the dark slab. It creates a time suspended atmosphere. Wood elements and concrete bricks are sliced and assembled in different pattern on the wall, providing a changeable background,with a rich game of light and shadow.

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