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Bank of Changsha by FAR OFFICE

From the early stages of the design process, the focus was on introducing a totally new image for the brand, which could be completed in a short period of time. The bank’s brand target was to create a customer and employee-friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our client intention was to give to the customers a new way of experiencing BCS service, which would be easy and comfortable at time, and would make people do banking in a new, happy way. Our design follow this "HAPPY BANKING" idea. Our goal was to design a space where people wish to stay longer and naturally feel to come back again.

Designed by FAR OFFICE

In order to change the customers banking experience, we radically changed the BCS traditional space arrangement, which presented a big front desk as centerpiece for a large empty hall.We wanted to put people in the middle of the space. We designed the hall like a large and colorful living room, where customers comfortably sit and get acknowledged about last bank news and products. The circular shape of the sofas is inspired by the Bank of Changsha logo. It recalls in a way a big hugging gesture, welcoming all people entering the hall. The circular logo shape is re-proposed for the hanging lights on the ceiling and the desks design.

The other areas, cafe’ and hi tech experience space, are arranged around the central living room. The ATM machine area is arranged privately and protected in a reserved area. A collection of historical bank tools and money is displayed beside the hi-tech area, showing to customers the evolution and the long history of BCS.

The materials chosen for the furniture and carpet are colorful and warm, arranged freely to make the environment friendly and increase the happy feeling. The background is white and uniform, made by white aluminum boards and warm wooden bars,unconventional materials to decorate interior for an institutional building, but in line with our concept idea.

Two large LED screens are placed one facing entrance and one the cafe area, to display bank products and other contents. The living room and the cafe area are though as flexible spaces: all the furniture can be removed and the hall can be arranged in case of big events and exhibitions. The two LED screens work as stage background for those events.

The entire construction process lasted just 40 days. This is a situation that we often face in china, where delivery time are usually very tight, especially when dealing with institutional projects.

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