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GoWork coworking and office space by Metaphor Interior Architecture

Go Work Thamrin 2.0 is an expansion of the increasingly public demand of coworking spaces. As the concept of common office evolves into modern setting, a collaborative hub and event space such as GoWork Coworking and Office Space provides more than just a working platform for workers and entrepreneurs.

Unusual colour swatches are found in this space on several corners. The combination of pastel colors is projected on the pink and mint color painted on the mailbox as visitors enter through swiveling doors.

A made-to-measure brown leather sofa near to coffee counter attracts workers to take a break, cozying up as if they are at the lounge

While Half-octagon shaped booth corner is made for individual and team work, a larger work stations of long table provides a flexible space-sharing environment. Such structure provides alternatives for semi-private group discussions to adapt to various occasions.

Share workstations are treated with different tiles. Uplifting text inside meeting room adds vibrant inside meeting room.

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