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The Goose Hut Bistro by Golucci International Design

Goose Hut, as the name suggests, is the home of geese. Actually, it also implies the people's habitat of life. As an old Chinese saying goes, geese fly to their home as people returning home. Returning home, the instinct and nature, shared by both geese and human beings, is contained in the name - 'Goose Hut Bistro'.

Photography by Luluxi

Maybe you do not know the Goose Hut Bistro, you will certainly feel her warmth and sincerity as long as you stepping into the restaurant. We set a distinct position for the goose hut bistro at the beginning of our design.

As a traditional Hunan cuisine, how can the Goose Hut Bistro get rid of the heavy culture? It might not be appropriate to use the word 'get rid of'. But in the fact, there are indeed many traditional things stuck in the stereotype of culture and cannot extricate from it. Therefore, Hunan cuisine also face the same problem. In order to carry forward Hunan cuisine, it is a must that making innovations and changing the dining environment. What’s more, getting rid of the symbolic design and making a breakthrough on spatial design is our first goal.

What is the interior design? Utilizing the space to express culture and change people's lifestyles is real design. That is the responsibility the designer should take. The plan of this project is a rectangular site, which is not easy to bring designers inspirations and it is difficult to seek the design breakthrough to some extent. Houses and trees are the two major visual symbol of the restaurant. We could not solve the problems with brutal visual methods. Instead, we hope to make use of the spatial advantage to express a profound sense.

With the hardworking and kind-hearted feature contained in traditional Chinese culture, Yan Huang descendants have constantly constructed the Great Wall for defending against the foreign intruders. Since ancient times, Chinese people have introverted personalities. Speaking of the architecture, from Forbidden City to Beijing courtyard, the enclosed style has been applied to a large sum of buildings, which also plays an important role of preventing sandstorms from climatology.

The Kitchen bar is kept as the service room; the three round sofas in the back of the restaurant represent the principal house. The left two groups of long sofas represent Western-wing house. The main kitchen and two compartments are regarded as Eastern-wing house. Fortunately, the spatial design of Goose Hut Bistro encountered Beijing traditional courtyard, then a few trees in the middle of the yard have become the essence of whole restaurant.

The goose nests were added later, which seems a bit superfluous. It would be better if the design can leave people more imagination space. When you come to the Goose Hut Bistro, you will be melted by her flavor and design style. Not fish head with chopped pepper, not pork bibimbap but because of her atmosphere which can be your spiritual habitat.

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