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Caffè del Doge by Lab4 Architects, Greece

Caffè del Doge is an internationally re-known Italian coffee brand from Venice with several stores opened along years in many countries such as Italy, US – California, Japan, Egypt, Argentina, Hong Kong and others.

Designed by Lab4 architects

Caffè del Doge in Larissa is the first store by the famous Italian brand licensed in Greece, owned by coffee passionate brothers Manuele and Valentino Efstathiou, and the design and construction were undertaken by Harris Souliotis, Dimitris Souliotis and Georgios Gougoulakis (Lab4 architects) in September 2016.

The ground plan is divided in three basic categories. The "bar area", the "interior seating area" as well as the "espresso products store" in which are sold packaged espresso varieties.