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Nha Trang Vietnamese Canteen by JJA / Bespoke Architecture

Nha Trang Vietnamese Canteen is a contemporary-yet-casual take on traditional Viet- namese street-food fare, served simply and honestly for a new generation of diners. The restaurant's design concept mirrors this contemporary take by giving a nod to Vietnam's street life, textures, and architectures- using as reference, the region's East-Meets-West historic design language borne out of French Colonial urbanism within town centres, utilising additional are referenced from the rugged-yet-gilded decoration of the Indochine Style.

Designed by JJA / Bespoke Architecture

Because of the shop’s unique location, set centred within a heavily tra cked shopping mall atrium, part of the planning brief was to create a branded outdoor seating area (OSA) within the mall's atrium space, placed adjacent to the typical restaurant's interior oor plan. This allows the design to reference Vietnam's old-colonial urban homes, which are generally found inside small streets, and using this as a way to create an indoor-outdo