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Apartment Itu by SuperLimão Studio, Brazil

Solutions with reused materials and industrial pieces are presented in the 156m2 apartment of the architect Lula Gouveia, partner of SuperLimão Studio, and the photographer Maíra Acayaba, in São Paulo. The property, from the 60's, had the spaces integrated after the demolition of some walls. The choice of most sober materials and colors was intentional to highlight frames, photos and design objects.

Designed by SuperLimão Studio

Photography by Maíra Acayaba

In the entrance hall, on the ceiling, there is the first prototype of the Biro-Biro lamp, made of aluminum chip and designed by SuperLimão. In the wall was installed a panel with graphite that was rescued from a siding of work in Santa Cecilia, a neighborhood of São Paulo. The floor was finished with epoxy and the ceiling has been lowered with polycarbonate honeycomb lining and a LED light was put to create a lighted plane.