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Flower 17 by FAN Life

Flower 17∣A song of flower and fire

Let me bloom in my own way let me bloom in my own way

you have your way to bloom and i have my way to



just like what singer Cheer sang in her song "Attitude of flowers"

Flower 17 sings the clear and clean childishness and pride of the young

and it shows the ordinary attitude of life: corrupt, rebirth and bloom

Flower, being the first symbol of life and beauty

It was appeared in many ancient civilizations.

In the Bible, Jesus said to his followers:

The Lily flowers you saw on your way are much more precious than the treasure that King Solomon had at his richest time.

In the Buddhist Scripture, Sakyamuni said to his disciple:

Everything that I perceived in my life is in this flower that I am holding

Age 17, a budding age with a pure but stubborn and rebel character; an age which is bold but quite, enthusiastic but fresh. The flower is just like the slightly enlighten mind of age 17, with a potential of beauty and waiting to bloom.

In Flower 17, the earthly hot pot bumps into the aloof gorgeous flowers; flower is part of the meal, presenting a wonderful scene of flower and fire. Flowers dancing in the air remind diners to embrace unknown future life which is full of imagination with an eased mood.

Flowers in poetries present nice images to people while flowers in reality are the carrier of beauty. The naturally grew flowers together with branches and leaves create geometry outlines with strong sense of line. They give strong visual impact as they are blooming all over partitions, curtains, mirror frames, lights and grilles.

The drafts from the designer are not yet wiped off, reminding diners of their 17;

The layout and details of the design is inspired by the shape of blooming flower -- the curves of morning glory and blooming rose. Lamps and lanterns in the shape of tulip in bud reflect a mood of waiting for blooming.

The slightly enlighten mind is record in the diary of 17 years old, when it is unfold, our memories will go back to age 17. The crystal umbrella lamp hunted from Thailand early this year are echoing to the dreamlike and crystal-like age of 17

Rooms decorated with pink or green flowers are fresh and natural, and the flower language "hope and beauty" carries designer's best wishes towards growing up.

In this huge sea of flowers, which tells stories of flower-like ages, designer's idea is being presented more and more clear. Rose blooms are used in the stage area to get to a stage play-like climax of design. And then there is the play of dreamlike piano music, showing a mature beautiful picture of time after 17.

Obvious visual spots in the interior space are decorated with blooming trees. It is like the artistic conception and mood which described in Xi Murong's poetry “How to let you meet me in my most beautiful moment” because the moment that flowers bloom marks the trace of time.

Walking through the dreamlike art flower gallery which makes diner think of a romantic wedding, it comes to the private room. The mass of blossom in the private room is clean and clear, and the flower umbrella on the wall tells all old stories. The whole decoration is done by hand, and it took the 4 designers and their co-workers half a month to get it done.

The layout is like the life cycle, when flowers fall and songs end, they are ready and awaiting to move to the next phase, and ready to hug the profundity and multiplicity of life.

Pasternak put it this way:

We are not to live a life, or years or months or days, but a few moments.

All languages could not compare with a flower

Could not compare with one encounter

And the cute little minds that we left

Hope everything's just right

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