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Spatial Renovation of M.Y.Lab Wood Workshop by Continuation Studio, Shanghai


The M.Y.Lab Wood Workshop is located on the first floor of a warehouse, which used to be the Dongfeng Sofa Factory in Changning District, Shanghai. Adjacent to the warehouse, it is stood a new-built 150㎡ attached room, forming a triangle lacunain-between. The task is to refurbish the 300㎡ one-storey warehouse into a two-storey commercial space, which is to be operated as a wood crafting learning centre.

Architects: Continuation Studio

Lead Architects: Fan Jiu-Jiang, Zhai Wen-Ting, Chen Kai-Xiong, Li Ting, Sun Fu-Dong, Chen Liu-Fen, Lyu Shuang-Er, Zhu Wei-Nan (Intern)

Photography by SHIROMIO Studio

First Impression

What left the most impression in the site on the first visit was, instead of the space itself, the overground separated from the old warehouse by just the warehouse’s enclosure. Trains pass through the overground rail every other minute or so, leaving loud rumblings behind echoing in the place, as a reminder of the long way of globalisation and modernisation this city has come.