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Ilse Crawford’s Atmospheres Wallpaper Collection

Ilse Crawford’s Atmospheres collection is a celebration of handmade artwork and expertise that creates a warm backdrop to our contemporary lives. Its five patterns – Line, Brush, Canvas, Knit and Weft – are all hand-painted, inspired by human creativity. Their artisanal imperfections produce a fascinating dynamic.

The patterns give walls a sense of movement, texture and depth, and they have been developed to appeal to the senses and bring a special atmosphere to an interior space. The wallpapers do not clamour for attention, instead creating a subtle, painterly backdrop to other interiors.


  • The simplest form of pattern. Bold and a bit of statement in Large, the narrow stripes in Small give the impression of a plan coloured surface. Its vertical structure – echoing the form of the wall – makes this pattern balanced and harmonious.


  • The painter’s hand is truly visible here – as thought the brush has just left the paper and the colour has remained dried.


  • Like a soft woven surface. Despite the pattern’s uneven nature, it conveys a soft regularity. The Seaweed colour scheme is “woven” in a darker colour. Gives the room a bold yet soft atmosphere. The colours are dynamic and echo nature: they work beautifully with everything, and can be matched with lots of different colours and materials.


  • A free, billowing pattern. Its transverse elements give this pattern a sense of steadiness, while the vertical movement of the pattern brings clarity to a space.


  • A wonderful little woven pattern that blankets the wall.

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