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Individual Desk by IONDESIGN, Berlin

Flexibility in the office

The individual customization of the steel table allows maximum adaptation to spatial conditions. The product design is the result of many years of experience in interior design, where IONDESIGN has repeatedly come across its clients’ need for flexibly usable office tables. Large conference rooms are often subdivided into smaller meeting units by means of mobile partition walls. Flexibility is therefore an important criterion for tables in conference situations. "Individual Desk" offers a wide range of uses, despite the reduced form-language.


The freedom in the color choice of the frame and the table top makes this piece of furniture highly individual. The steel frame, made from one piece, is available in brushed stainless steel or powder coated. The wood fiber board of the tabletop is precisely inserted into the metal frame and is available with a variety of surfaces. These are, for example, individually selected table linoleums, real wood veneers, lightweight concrete materials or Corian. Thus, "Individual Desk" is also interesting for the corporate branding of companies, since the coloring of the tables can extend the corporate design. Square profiles with an edge length of 40 x 40 mm form the minimalist frame. The precise manufacturing shows in homogeneous side views, which are seamlessly welded and polished. Plain leg sleeves conceal the adjustable feet.

Maximum individuality

The rich choice of materials and colors makes the table attractive both for private and professional use. The principle of the individual working and conference table has already proven itself in practice and is available through the website

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