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BODW 2017 - Business of Design Week Hong Kong

During the Business of Design Week 2017 Hong Kong, we got to hear insightful talks about SPACE AND DESIGN from speakers: Tina Norden, Francesco Librizzi, Li Hu and Umberto Branchini.

Interior designer and architect - Tina Norden believes that space is a stage for theatre of life. With a portfolio of hotels, restaurants to high-end residential. Norden has ben involved with projects in Asia for over 18 years - Hotel Icon, Mandarin Oriental, PMQ, Roppongi Hills and Futako Tamagawa.

Francesco Librizzi, founder of Fransesco Librizzi Studio that was founded in 2005. The company deals with architecture, interiors, exhibition and product design. His works are focused on the essential features of space and influenced by objects, structures and humans.

Li Hu, founding partner of OPEN Architecture. Currently working on a museum located on the coast of Bohai Bay in northern China, titled "Dialogue by the Sea". Which comprises two complementary art spaces: a cave-inspired space hidden within the beach's sand dunes, and a second space that rises from the sea "like a solitary piece of rock."

Umberto Branchini lives and works in Venice and Milan. He’s a multidisciplinary artist as an interiors designer and art director. He started off his career as a sculptor and held solo exhibitions, among which one in collaboration with Swarovski.

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