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Yuhua • Phase IV ShowFlat by FAN Life

Being elegant and dignified is not only a matter for a small number of elites, it is the common responsibility and mission of the general public. To better record the life of elites, the designer avoids the single decoration style of piling up complex colors. Instead, concise expression which matches the gentle, modest and self-disciplined temperament of urban elites is adopted.

Designed by FAN Life

Chief Designers: DING LiRen, CHEN LiQiang, LIN CuiQi

Project Principals: XIA Yang, GAO RenYuan

Photography by YAN Ming

In this fast-paced life, busy people tend to be attracted by worldly fame and fortune, and be indulged in the pursuit of present joy. When jumping out of those attractions, people might think of the philosophical and free spirit of Wei and Jin dynasty. There is a kind of beauty of light sadness in it. Therefore, instead of using gaudy and luxurious colors, the designer adopts mature and solid blue ink and low-key dark gold as the overall tone, and brings ingenious change to the spatial arrangement by using fashionable yet simple style, thus bringing a chic and soothing sense of rhythm.

Walking into the room, one feels like being in a cool natural garden in a hot summer day. The exquisite deer-shaped adornment, the highly artistic murals, the unique shaped handicrafts, and the gold retro decorations are distributed quietly on walls, tables and bookshelves, like twinkling stars lighten up night sky. Appreciate silently and you will always find beauty in it. The soft and big sofa, neat and spacious desk, as well as the lights with special meanings are all matched skilfully; even the seemingly inadvertently arrangement of them conveys a sense of tranquility.

Life is like a drama, no matter you choose to live a cloistered life or pursue an official career , you could not escape from the law of nature. But the beauty of life lies in the freedom that mind could go beyond body, and the fact that it could witness time. Being in a home like this, one could feel the integration as well as separation of himself and the outside world; it is like wandering between heaven and earth. With regard to the use of colors, the designer makes new comparisons when keeping the overall color tone united, so colors used are antagonistic and contradictory yet being harmonious and unified at the same time.

The sharp contrast makes the whole space vivid and enriches the layers of space. The brightness of color of the marble floor contrasts intensely with the low-key rice yellow of wall, together with modern bright yellow and dark blue frame, to give a strong sense of fresh fashion. The bright and clear square mirror together with the fine and smooth round sink gives a new interpretation to square and circle. Fine decoration and spacious modern furniture give full play of rough and fine. Artificial plants are scattered around the house and the artistic decoration on wall makes the whole space vivid and refreshing.

In this increasingly busy life, this is a space where purity and determination could be found to make one's mind relaxed. Being simple, natural and detached -- these are the best interpretation about quality. Life is like a dream, you need to dare to dream.

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