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Abastos by Velvet Projects, Cadiz

The main idea for this project is to create a versatile and multidisciplinary space.

We have designed this interior space named Abastos, name that collects from the central market next to which it is located, as a very singular and carefree concept design project, which gives the new space its own personality.

Designed by Velvet Projects

Photography by Julio Gonzalez

A superior lattice opens the space inwards, it is executed in the form of a continuous loop without beginning or end. This geometric skin generates the guidelines of the distribution, folds, and is transformed in a soft and natural way, allowing the transition between the different areas continuously and creating a set of perspectives and always different spaces depending on the point of view.

The side claddings reaffirm the strength of the interior space and provide tension and movement along the entire envelope of the space.

The careful and studied lighting helps maintain the eclectic atmosphere during the night.

In short, it is a project that reflects a dream, a dream that has been embodied in a contemporary aesthetic designed to create sensations and enjoy this new highly specialized proposal.

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