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KO by Basebody by dongqi Architects, Shanghai

dongqi Architects transformed a historical architecture located in the center of Shanghai into a gym focusing on boxing training. The space is turned into a bright and dynamic one suitable for boxing.

Designed by Dongqi Architects

Architects have been keeping close cooperation with structural engineers from the very beginning. A steel framed mezzanine is added in the 5-meter high space without using any columns.

Steel plates are welded together to form the floor of the mezzanine, while 10 pieces of stiffened girder are arranged underneath the floor. The section of the stiffened girders narrowed down from center to the sides according to force calculations, and folded upward to hinge with the H-beams on the ceiling. The edge of the floor is a steel sheet with a layer of mat, which is fully exposed to the public. The hanging structure of the mezzanine set free the whole space of the first floor for training.

Metal mesh is the main material and design element of the space. The mezzanine is enclosed by metal mesh. Steel angles are arranged in pairs to function as the structure of metal mesh. The reception desk and the lockers are made of metal mesh and steel angles.

The steel stairs are covered with a wooden layer. The wooden layer is a bit shorter than the stairs in order to expose the thin edge of the steel staircase. The wooden cover of the front desk and the staircase is in contrast with the concrete walls.

The space of the first floor is divided into two parts by the folding doors. The inner part is a pure black space. By using UV lamps, LED lamps and digital control, the space turned out to be as dynamic as a nightclub. Based on calculating, punching bags are hanged beneath the floor of the mezzanine which create a passionate atmosphere.

The outer space is mostly white and brighter which is in contrast with the inner black space. Led lamps hanged by metal wire and electric wire are arrayed in order on the ceiling. The lamps are reflected by the mirrors which makes the space borderless and infinite.

The first floor is public training area while the mezzanine floor is the private training area. The metal mesh and steel angles are painted white while the steel beams painted purple. They contrast each other and activated the dynamic atmosphere.

The façade is a two-story glass screen wall. Four steel angles are put together as a group, leaving gaps between each other, to serve as the frame of the glass curtain wall. The daylight permeates through the glass curtain wall while the vivid and active atmosphere spills out of it which attracts the passersby.

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