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Kaiseki Den by Saotome - Mas Studio Limited

Kaiseki Den, hosted by native Japanese chefs, is a Japanese restaurant serving Kaiseki cuisine. The design creates a modest and intimate vibe by using the simplest linear pattern with a three-dimensional perspective. It uses soft sandy or earthy colours, coarse natural marble floor to present an original state of nature. These colours are a visual pacifier to manifest a calm and relaxed mind. It evokes imagination of being in a natural and peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Designed by Mas Studio Limited

Photography by Ray Chow

Kaiseki refers to the warm pebble Buddhist monks put on their belly during meditation to soothe the feeling of hunger. The design employs distinctive elements from Japanese Wabi-sabi Aesthetics to create a tranquil environment for Zen contemplation and a harmonious state of mind. The Karesansui Landscape is seen on the wall of the VIP room. Static ripple lines represent Running Water and Circle as Rock meaning Land. These echo the concept of Kaiseki and reinforces the idea of Wabi-sabi.

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