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'MIRAGE' by Immaterial studio

' Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love'

- Rumi

Both light and shadow come together and give precedence to the tactile elements that define a space. These elements being sharp and robust seem soft to touch, they exclude then enclose, admitting light, wind and a curious visitor, who leaves behind the disorder of every day existence to be sheltered in this realm of illusion. This play of light and shadow is what one experience when walking through the works of Carlo Scarpa.

Designed by Immaterial Studio

Designers: Nitin Barchha & Disney Davis

Photography by Sameer Tawde

We at the Material Immaterial studio have designed these concrete elements that we fondly call 'MIRAGE'. The collection strives to capture the essence of some of the space defining elements from Scarpa's works.

The pieces with zigzag patterns offer a stage for the dance of light and shadow. This pattern at times reduces the heaviness of concrete making it appear light and delicate. While at other times having the opposite effect of exposing the solidity and depth of exposed concrete. The collection is truly an open treasurebox of shadows beaming with the spirit of light.

The collection would adorn your home and furniture for years to come and is bound to evoke your senses towards this play of light and shadow every time one comes in contact with it.

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