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Hygge Indian Carpet by Sukhi

Sukhi launches three new Indian carpet collections. Each carpet is made from 100% wool and enhances the Hygge vibe in any room. The carpets are handmade and support Indian artisans who are paid fair wages. They help to preserve the timeless carpet making traditions in India.

Sukhi has developed three Indian carpet collections for winter: braided felt carpets, braided wool carpets, and flat weave carpets. The new collections join the list of handmade, customized products already available on Sukhi’s website. All carpets are made from 100% wool, and provide ultimate comfort and luxury to any room in the house.

Customers may be intrigued by these warm and fluffy designs due to dropping temperatures, or the latest trend of making your home as cozy as possible. Hygge, a Scandinavian term describing living life in a cozy and intimate fashion, has become a sweeping trend around the globe. Sukhi’s co-founder, Nasia Burnet, caught onto this trend early. “The latest additions to our Indian carpet collections are a response to customers who want the ultimate warmth and coziness,” she says. “What is more Hygge than a warm, wooly rug in your room?”

One-of-a-kind collection

Sukhi also launches a new collection with five one-of-a-kind Indian carpets, providing customers with more unique and modern options. The carpets can be made into any size, with some beautiful colors available. No matter which design, color, or type of carpet is chosen, it will be handmade with love by artisans.

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