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Fluid Mirror by Waterfrom Design, Taiwan

Incorporating themselves into the pleasing view of a waterfront residence, the undulate waters with ripples therein pass through the semi-circular surrounding windows and become part of the vicissitudes of your daily life. Inspired by the murmuring waters outside the bright neat windows, the interior design extends swells of the rippling breakers and transforms them into attractive curves in walls, ceilings and traffic flow, symbolising echoes to exterior waves to resemble endless stream currents, take in soft wavy lines and delicate rhythm, and replace rigid and simple squares.

Designed by Waterfrom Design

Photographer by Kuomin Lee

Decorated on white walls are bamboo, stone and wood veneers connecting different materials and grains to form a spliced wall, while geometric shapes join to constitute seemingly a large decoration board with micro carving. Stretching to the curved passage are ripples coming through windows from the outside, flowing and winding till an end in red ocher colour adding contrast to the scenes of colourful water ruffles during sunset.

A variety of colours in profusion comprising glistening light of water waves at different times of a day are manifested on the bedroom wall in blue, orange, yellow and others, arranged in stripes mimicking the iconic design of Paul Smith and the creative humour of the designer brand. Dainty and translucent materials such as lace curtains, perforated plates and colour glass have been selected to be used indoors where the penetrating and softening effect brings in water and mirror-like clarity, brightness and mellowness.

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