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BlindAid by CCWS Interiors, London

This is CCWS Interiors first project with BlindAid, an organisation with over 180 years of experience delivering emotional and practical support to blind and visually impaired people living in London.

Designed by CCWS Interiors

CCWS Interiors worked very closely with the leadership team; CEO Sue O’Hara, Office Manager Stephanie Baines and Technical Manager Richie Walden.

Works included stripping the building back to the core structure and excavating the concrete foundations to allow all new HVAC and MEP engineering systems, new fully compliant washroom facilities and Cat B tenant fit-out works, to give the charity a fabulous bright and airy workspace. In the open plan workspace, long bench-style desks and individual height adjustable desks were chosen to maximise agile sit-stand working.

CCWS Interiors also opened out the front of the building, creating a bright new light-filled space for the team. A new Mediterranean sky-blue coloured building frontage, the contrast with the bright pink used in the new café-style ‘meet and greet’ space, is the talking point of the local area. Quoting BlindAid, “The new café area is the beating heart of the space and residents and visitors alike are always popping in to say hi and to ask for the frontage colour reference”.

CCWS Interiors were delighted to work with BlindAid; with their long and distinguished history, it has earned an excellent reputation amongst service users and the professional organisations they work alongside.

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