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Glidium by Nir Portal Architects, Haifa

Glidium is an ice cream shop, located in a shopping center in Haifa city, which represents a new type of ice cream and dessert experience, served in a fun way for kids and adults.

Design team: Dana Piterman and Inbal Parnas

Photography by Shai Ben-Efraim

The design concept is based on chemistry fun lab that makes experiments and creates different types of creative and unique desserts. The ice cream is being made in an open lab with scientific tools and methods.

The inner walls are covered in light boxes, which are used as background to display colourful variety of test tubes.

The counter made of Corian board printed with the Periodic table, using new initials that represent the different ice cream combinations.

The lighting is made out of pvc pipes in different colors that looks like transmitting tubes, and contains the brands ice cream cups which ends with a round light bulb. The cup holder stand was treated the same way.

The trash hall was shaped as ice cream spoon.

The ice cream factory lab is showed behind glass wall that gives the costumers a glimpse into the crazy world of the ice cream and desserts making by the scientists.

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