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Rockery for play—Poly WeDo Art Education by ARCHSTUDIO, Beijing

This is the second children educational space that ARCHSTUDIO designed for Poly Wedo Art Educational Institution. It is located on the second floor of Beijing Damei Central. This institution mainly teaches children music, dance, tea, cooking, and craft courses, so the space design needs to provide appropriate classrooms based on above needs. Inspired by rockery artificial hills in Chinese traditional garden, the design creates multiple ranges of "artificial hills" that allow children to happily play here.

Designed by ARCHSTUDIO

Design Team: Han Wen-Qiang, Song Hui-Zhong, Li Yun-Tao

Photographer: Wang Ning

The graphic design of the original building is L-shaped, and the entrance is located in the end of one side, thus the streamline from outside to inside is relatively long. A winding corridor is squeezed out by continuous curved walls, different from traditional boring straight corridors, it stimulates children’s desire to explore. Curved walls differentiate musical classroom, reception area, cooking area, tea classroom, play area and so on.

A series of up and down arch caves further change the virtual-real relationship of each area, creating layered and crossed visual interest. Children will find some rooms are dark closed valleys, some are open and transparent hills, while some are holes that hold 2 children only, when they are in the corridor. The musical classroom is sealed by curved glass to ensure sound insulation and also realize an open teaching environment. The tea classroom and the cooking area are separated by reverse-arch walls, which are also tools for children to stride, rest, and play. The craft classroom is at the corner of the corridor, children can sit around the tree to do handwork. Nine private piano classrooms are arranged on both sides of the corridor, each classroom is designed as a small cave, which ensures acoustic quality as arched wall is conducive to sound mixing. Wood color is the major tune of the corridor, some walls are mirrored stainless steel, and the reflection of materials help create a deep and dazzling space to increase the enjoyment of materials experience.

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