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1492 Pizza&Grill by Bilodunk Studio, Salerno - Italy

AIt is paradoxical to think that the whole economy of a country can depend on a single man! The luck of nocerino-sarnese agar, based entirely on the processing of tomato San Marzano, is to be brought back to Christopher Columbus, to the discovery of the Americas and to the introduction of tomato in Europe! 1492 therefore draws inspiration from this long excursus to create its own identity. A pizzeria that in addition to working skill fully the flour in the barbecue a worthy enrichment of the offer. The theme of the journey to the Americas is proposed on the walls of the room, telling of the three moments: the departure from Venice, the crossing of the seas and the next arriving loaded load of ... tomatoes. For the locale in question, we took a turn in hand, taking care of every aspect, from design to creation, communication and tart up, and also making the offer. A place full of inspiration to appreciate ... the tomato.

Photography by Carlo Falanga

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