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Bloomingdale's by UXUS, Kuwait

Bloomingdale’s opens its second international location in Kuwait, a between Al Tayer Insignia and design firm UXUS. The winning collaboration delivers a next-level luxury experience by weaving together hospitality, retail and service. Opened March 15, 2017, the iconic American department store in Kuwait lives up to Bloomingdale’s promise, ‘like no other store in the world’.

Designed by UXUS

Designed by UXUS in collaboration with Al Tayer Insignia, the Bloomingdale’s experience in 360 MALL enchants Kuwait’s cultured consumer. This upscale arena eclipses a transactional only model by connecting hospitality, retail and service through a cohesive, sophisticated approach. Personalised services, VIP touch points, integrated digital and curated elements come together seamlessly, encouraging exploration and indulgence.

With a holistic view, UXUS and Al Tayer Insignia designed the luxury retail space to integrate with Bloomingdale’s distinct visual identity. Throughout the mall, consumers will enjoy the New York-style elegance behind Bloomingdale’s heritage. The material palette combines flourishes of black and white marble, silk carpet, metal framing, luxurious upholstery and contrasting finishes, conveying luxury, and at key moments, privacy with multiple opaque glass expressions. Design hallmarks such as the checkerboard black-and-white tile are reimagined throughout the space, in addition to the iconic black framing systems.

From arrival to purchase, UXUS and Al Tayer Insignia considered every part of the consumer journey. The VIP Entrance with a separate façade, lounge and ‘click and collect’ area initiates an upscale journey at Bloomingdale’s. At Your Service offers a refined concierge desk, lounge and fitting rooms with 3-way mirrors for guests to pick up and try on their online purchases. If entering from the interior of 360 MALL, guests are greeted by curated storefronts. Inside the space, the statement Takeover Tower connects each floor by merging digital with physical merchandised displays.

​The exciting world of beauty comes to life on the ground floor exemplifying the UXUS focus on integrating service with retail, tailored to the Middle Eastern market. After purchasing beauty items from separate vendors, guests are encouraged to enjoy a luxurious consultation and treatment to complete the look at Experience Beauty. Likewise, Discover Beauty features up-and-coming international brands and an exploration table for guests to trial and learn application techniques. The beauty area constructs a full-circle experience, from purchase to creating your new look.

Collaborating with Al Tayer Insignia, UXUS created a clear concept for Bloomingdale’s Kuwait, bringing together multiple brands in one space. The highly branded showcase of footwear and accessories on the Level 1 encompasses this approach. The Boudoir and The Apartment zones for shoes and handbags allow guests to shop and dwell in comfort.

”What you are creating is an environment - a world,’ Oliver Michell, CCO and Architect at UXUS explains, ‘that is extremely appealing and conducive to spending a lot of time, so that you can captivate people.”

The extravagant café concept, Scene, is situated adjacent to the shoe department and embodies the glamour of New York City. The private dinner party atmosphere of Scene harks to an iconic New York apartment and even includes an indoor, terrace-inspired area. UXUS worked with well-known footwear designers to illustrate specialty pieces as key décor - merging food and fashion in the fully branded concept.

Bloomingdale’s Kuwait demonstrates the potential of international retail ventures. By curating the experience to the local market’s taste and preferences, UXUS evolved an icon for the ever-increasingly sophisticated Middle Eastern market.

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