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Operetta by Mas Studio, Hong Kong

"Operetta" means "small opera". The whole design is unified by a concept of performing arts. It shows the culinary stage on which professional chefs and mixologists perform their skills. Curves, arc, oval shapes represent elegant contour of performers and the eye concept is a bridge between performers and audience.

Designed by Mas Studio

Looking through the glass entrance door with an eye outline is a bar counter and a bar area with a modern seating plot of sofas, tables and bar stools. On the left of a metal arc partition is the corridor leading to the dining hall. An oval switchable glass eye on the wall unveils operation inside the kitchen while a multi-purpose space is reserved for private gatherings.

To highlight the restaurant’s unique concept of serving Italian classic dishes with a modern flavor profile, design materials and colours are an ensemble of traditional patterns and fabrics, bricks, mosaic tiles, and modern metals.

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