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Bráz Elettrica by SuperLimão, Brazil

The “Companhia Tradicional de Comércio” company inaugurates a new house in São Paulo, called Bráz Elettrica. For architecture, the group - a reference for the quality of their houses - sought a language and aesthetics to dialogue with an audience willing to try the pizza in a less pretentious way than is normally consumed in great pizzerias of the city. Sponsored by Anthony Falco, a pizza maker who made history at New York's bustling Roberta's, the house serves, from lunch until late in the evening, individual light-weight disks baked in a Neapolitan electric oven, fit to eat with your hands.

Designed by SuperLimão

Mobility, practicality and functionality were fundamental for designing the project. The Italian brand oven, heart of the business, would already come on wheels to facilitate its movement. Refrigerators, counters and boxes were also designed following the same concept.